ode to our washing machine

washing. by djbass

6 weeks ago you left us for no reason
without explanations
or finishing the job.

oh how we miss thee dear washer
the clean socks
the fresh spring scent.

you seem determined to stay broken forever
even after people have tried to fix you
& paying them too much money.

we promise if you won't die
we'll be more gentle,
we'll talk nice,
won't hit,
we'll stop seeing the other washers,
will feed you good soap,
& only put you on spin once, not twice a day.

we love you dear washer
come back to us soon
we need our clean clothes,
we need you.


sherrie said...

this was cute! i love the pic of the washing machine too...hope he doesn't die, that's one appliance we definitely couldn't do without!

enickel said...

So, have you been scrubbing your clothes in the tub, or going to the laundry mat? That is a great picture.